Take Back Wisconsin Training Sessions

How do you want to be involved? Do you want to be a candidate yourself, work as a paid campaign worker, knock on doors, or be a poll observer on Election Day?

We offer four unique training opportunities. Indicate as many of these four that interest you, and we will update you as trainings are scheduled.

Watch this video, then decide if you would like to sign up or sponsor a training in your area.


With a little training, becoming a candidate is easier than you might believe. We provide a “cheat sheet” on training you on how to run for office. School Board elections are nonpartisan, and Republicans hold 604 of 1,581 County Board seats (38%). In fact, Democrats control County Boards in 21 Counties that were won by Ron Johnson in his very close 2022 race.


Are you tired of being told that a double-digit Supreme Court campaign was well run? Or play checkers by using tactics that stopped working in the 1990s while the Democrats are playing chess? If you would like to learn the best tools to maximize your effectiveness to shift from putting in a little volunteer time to making a paid campaign position your main job then we can provide the training and certifications you need.


We have conducted training from coast-to-coast on how to knock on doors more effectively. In some areas scooters and back packs more than double the number of doors reached. Writing the best personalized notes makes three times as many voters remember the literature weeks later. If someone is good knocking 3 hours a week as a volunteer, campaigns are happy to hire for 20 hours.


If not enough people offer their local party to fill these positions, then the positions are still appointed. We can train you in the rules of elections, following the chain of custody of ballots to make sure there is no chance of foul play, and so that you are qualified to be appointed as an election official or observer to ensure votes and vote counts are secure.